Hindmarsh Stadium - 27th August, 1978

Referee - Peter Rampley, crowd 16251, result 1 - 1

West Adelaide, Martyn Crook, Barry Reynolds, Vic Bozanic, Neil McGachey, Con Kambas, David Jones, Peter Boyle, Dave Pillans, Graham Norris, Graham Honeyman, Ian McGregor (Peter Tymczyszyn 46), Coach : Jim Adam, Goal : Bozanic 85
Adelaide City, Peter Marshall, Bugsy Nyskohus, Fred Yung, John Besir, Frank Lister, John Perin, Gary Marocchi (Zoran Matic ??), Dixie Deans, Agenor Muniz, John Nyskohus, Brian Northcote, Coach : Les Scheinflug, Goal : Perin 53

On 27 August 1978, the last game of the 1978 NSL season was played between the two mighty rivals of South Australian football - West Adelaide and Adelaide City.

West Adelaide only required a draw to win the league championship and Adelaide City only had its pride to play for but did its utmost to prevent its bitter rivals from taking out the league. Over 16,000 fans crammed in to watch one of the finest soccer contests every witnessed at Hindmarsh Stadium.

John Perin put Adelaide City in front in the 53 minute of the game with a screaming 40 metre free kick before Vic Bozanic was to grab the much needed goal and vital point to give West Adelaide the league championship with a 85 minute equaliser, much to the jubilation of the home crowd.

In a masterful solo run late in the second half, Bozanic pushed up the field in search of that elusive equalising goal. Peter Boyle near the half way line saw a young Bozanic making his run and with defenders about to pounce on him placed a superb ball over the top towards the Adelaide City 18 yard box.

Bozanic powered his way past the entire City defence and then managed to lob the advancing Adelaide City goalkeeper in Peter Marshall. With the ball bouncing towards an empty net the West Adelaide faithful around the ground was as if one with the ball.

As it crossed the line and with the sun streaming down on a cool August day, the crowd went into raptures knowing that West Adelaide in a few minutes were to be crowned champions of Australia, much to the dismay of the much more fancied, and at the time, Frank Lowey run, Sydney Hakoah.

At the final whistle a club's dreams had been turned into a reality. The first Adelaide club to be truly crowned the champions of Australia by finishing top of the table.