About Us

West Adelaide Soccer Club has been at the forefront of the game for many decades in South Australia and Australia.

From developing juniors, winning local and national titles, to having Socceroo and Matilda representatives – the club has a very rich history. With a nearly developed Home Ground at Kilburn, Distinctive Homes Park, and the legendary Junior location at Park 27B, the club continues to grow and appeal to all sections of the community.

West Adelaide Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organisation managed by a committed group of volunteers for the benefit of our members and the local community.

Our rich history and many honours give us pride – but also gives us focus for the future.

Club Structure

John Tsianos (Chairman and President)
Anthony Kalogerinis (Vice-President and Junior President)
Peter Palios (Treasurer)
Kosta Barkoukis (Club Secretary)
Ilia Sotiropoulos (Club Delegate)
George Kargiotis
George Vlahos
Dim Totos
Bill Pantelis